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Automation Controls Engineer in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is revolutionizing the way manufacturing and other industries operate. With the rise of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and robotics, companies are now able to automate many processes, increase efficiency, and improve the overall quality of their products. One of the key […]

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Smoke and Sanity Testing

Smoke and Sanity testing are the most misunderstood topics in Software Testing. There is a lot of literature on this topic, but most of them may confuse many of you. And sometimes even follow the work does not care what it is while in the process of doing it has gone through it. This article, […]

API testing

Test runner – API testing

Test runner – According to the previous post, you already know how to create simple tests for each API, but a project has too many APIs and too many different tasks, each task is a collection of several APIs how must be solved. Along with that is the management method that you think is applicable […]

API testing

How to test API

After reading “test API with Postman” series, you should be able to grasp the basic knowledge of the API and the functions Postman provides. But how to arrange tests and write Testcases for API still seems not very clear, so today I will write a post about how to test API properly. Reminder of knowledge […]

API testing

API testing – API documentation

Postman, in addition to providing an API testing tool, also helps us to make API documentation extremely professional and easy. This API document can be shared by both the team and the client. Usually, the API is usually written by Dev on google sheets, but at a certain stage of development, the dev will be […]

API testing

API Testing – Postman pre request script

In the previous article, I wrote about test Response, now I will continue to write about Postman pre request script. Here are the steps when sending a request. The Pre-request part will be the part Postman will process before sending the request, and the test script to handle the returned response. So what can Pre-request […]

API testing

API Testing – Test API Response

Test response is an especially important feature for API testers. How can I run each request all day and then check each result manually, there must be a faster way This section provides 2 great features to help testers speed up API testing. Postman provides a framework for us to work, only supports pure Javascript […]

API testing

API testing – API Environment

This part had many people wrote tutorials, but there are some parts missing, so I rewrote it. Today I will share with you what is API environment Introduction about API environment The main function of Environment is a place to save “variables” like “variables” in the code so that we can reuse it in many […]

API testing

API Testing – Collections API in Postman

After seeing some of my company programmers leave a bunch of requests in a mess, it took 5 minutes to find the request I used the day before here. where I have to think again, “Not everyone notices that there is this collections API in the world” and decided to write because maybe someone doesn’t […]

API testing

API testing – How to make API request

The article today will share with you about How to make API request. When working with APIs, we only work with 2 main types of APIs: GET and POST. – GET: Ask the server to return resources: Imagine the scene on fb, swiping new feeds. – POST: Ask the server to create a new resource. […]