Structure of Testcase for beginner Software qa engineer

Testcase for Software qa engineer

 A test case is a set of test inputs, execution conditions, and expected results developed for a specific goal, such as executing a particular program or testing compliance. with a specific request. Today’s post will find out how the structure of Testcase for software qa engineer will be

Structure of testcase for software qa engineer

The structure (or components) of the test case will be different for each project or company. However, basically the structure of a test case will include :

  • Test case ID (or Test ID for short): Test case code
    • Is the code assigned to each test case for easy management, for example ADD-01
    • Where, “ADD” stands for Function Name or Display respectively. “01” is the ordinal number.
    • Note: Test case ID must not be the same.
  • Test summary (also known as test description): Summary of the case being tested . For example:
    • TC1: Check for successful login with a valid set of accounts
    • TC2: User can’t login successfully with locked account
  • Test precondition (or setup steps): The prerequisites, required to be fulfilled before executing this test case. For example:
    • With the TC1 test case above (Check the successful login case with a valid set of accounts), you must prepare a valid set of accounts including username and password.
  • Test steps (or steps): Detailed steps of a test case. You can write basic, concise or detailed writing including specific data (test data).
  • Expected result: Expected result is what you expect the program/system to do after you have performed the steps in “Test steps”
  • Status (or Test result): If the observed result is the same as the expected result
    • this field will be filled in as “OK” or “Pass”
    • Otherwise, it’s “NG” or “FAIL”
  • Bug ID: If the test case just executed is FAIL then you will POST BUG, ​​then write the ID of that bug here.
  • And much more information depending on what kind of information your group or customer wants to manage.

Some notes for test cases web application

When software qa engineer test a web application there will usually be test cases for the following groups:

  • Layout and UI
  • Don’t forget to test on different browsers
  • And ask customers if they need to test on all kinds of large and small phone screens (both Android and iOS)
  • Functions of product.
  • Depending on the requirements, you will design the corresponding test cases.
  • Remember to test both the happy case (positive case) and the unhappy case.
  • Performance and security testing. Performance can be thought of in two different cases:
    • Test to evaluate the performance of the system (server side). For example JMeter or K6 are useful tools.
    • Test to evaluate performance on the client side (front end). In this case, try Google – PageSpeed ​​Insights.
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Thank you for reading the entire post.

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