What is Test Suite in Testing?

test suite

Do you work in the software testing industry or IT related to code, often meet but actually do not know what Test Suite is? Let answer this question in the article below.

What is Testing Suite?

In a word, Test Suite is a collection of test cases . When you have thousands of test cases, you will need to categorize the cases according to different test scenarios, like functional testing or for distinct features of the software.

In addition, the test suite also has different steps, which can be used to identify the current steps of the testing process, such as activated, in progress or completed.

Key characteristics of Testing Suite

Typically, a test suite will have a few key characteristics :

  • Created after test plan
  • Includes several tests and test cases.
  • Description of test cases objective and destination
  • Include test parameters, such as application, environment, version, etc.
  • You can create Test Suite based on test cycle as well as test coverage
  • Includes multiple testable types, such as functional or non-functional testing
  • Helps increase the efficiency of the testing process by helping with continuous testing and editing of the software under test
  • Can be used by many automation tools like jUnit, Selenium, etc.

Two common types of Testing Suite

Normally, Test Suite will be divided into two types with different separate functions. Those two functions are:

Abstract Test Suite (ATS): is part of pattern-based testing, and is defined as a collection of abstract test cases. These test cases are collected from the high-level model of the system under test. However, these test suites cannot be used directly by the software team, because these test suites are mainly related to the top layer of the system, and lack information about the software as well as the environment. .

Executable Test Suite (ETS): is the second type of test Suite, and is extracted from ATS. ETS provides the basic and necessary information to design programs. The information is relatively complete and directly related to the software being tested.

Test Suite Design Template

Test Suite is designed depends largely on the standards of each team and the requirements of a project. However, engineers can refer to the following Test Suite design sample:

Summary: this will be the summary of the content of this Test Suite. This section may include several items, contributing to the completeness of the Test Suite.
Design: This section will provide details on the design of the Test Suite, along with many suggestions on how to improve the quality and coverage of the test.
Formal Review: Once the brief and design are determined, the team conducts a formal review session. This review will help the team clearly define the general rules and regulations for the software.
Pre- and post-conditions: The pre- and post-conditions must be set and met for each stage of the testing process.
Expected result: In this step, the team determines the necessary conditions that the test suite needs to meet in order to be considered successful. These predicted results will be compared with the main results to learn for the next time.


Hopefully, through the above article,  you have enough knowledge to answer the question of what Test Suite is, and at the same time gain more basic understanding and their characteristics. Thank you for reading.

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