Using Postman to test API

API testing

Postman’s pros and cons

Postman is a tool to test the API of Postdot Technologies, which was developed in 2012. Currently, Postman has 3 versions: Postman, Postman Pro (2016) and Postman Enterprise (2017). I’m new to Postman free version so I just note these things for using Postman to test API


– Easy to use, supports both UI and non-UI running.

– Support writing code for assert automatically by Javascript.

– Supports both RESTful services and SOAP services.

– There is a function to create API document.


– New paid versions support advanced features: Teamwork, direct support…

Download for using Postman to test API

Download at: Postman Link

The main components of Postman

Postman interface:

Settings: contains information about general settings.

  • Account information: used for Login, logout and sync data.
  • Custom settings: themes, shortcuts, format…
  • Import data from outside

Collection: store information of APIs by folder or by time.

API content: display detailed API content and support sections to help perform API testing. This is the part where testers have to work the most.

Thank you for reading.

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